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Episode 118: Gaming Online with the Dreamcast in 2023

July 01, 2023 The Dreamcast Junkyard
The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod
Episode 118: Gaming Online with the Dreamcast in 2023
Show Notes

Why don't we play together? This month's DreamPod is all about playing the Dreamcast online, which is something you can still do in 2023 thanks to the efforts of some very talented members of the Dreamcast community!

In this episode, regulars Laurence, James and guests Harvey (aka Pizza Hotline) and Holsten talk about their love for playing Dreamcast online,  the best and worst games to play online, as well as the games they hope to see be made playable online again in the future. Finally, Laurence attempts to exact revenge on James for last month's quiz with one of his own all about the Dreamcast online. Will the guys survive? You'll have to listen and find out...

Also, “BBA” is an acronym for “Broadband Adapter” the peripheral for the Dreamcast.

Cool and Helpful links:
For guidance on how to get online with your Dreamcast, visit Dreamcast Live:
The Sega Online discord group schedules Dreamcast meet-ups every week and is open to all:
The Dreamcastic Channel live-streams online Dreamcast games most Fridays and Saturdays:
Pre-order Driving Strikers the new online Dreamcast game here:
James' retrospective on Toy Racer:

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The outro music from episode 114 onwards was created by our friend Pizza Hotline! You can stream or purchase Pizza Hotline's latest album "Level Select" on all major music platforms by clicking here.